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Western Heritage Trailblazer Legacy


It is the mission of the Prince George Western Heritage Society (PGWHS) and Rodeo Prince George (RPG) to leave behind a legacy to the sport of rodeo in our community.


It is here that we recognize the legacy left by those who came before us. Those who built our sport, supported our lifestyle and were the epitome of western heritage. With the money raised by the program, RPG and the PGWHS supports rising stars and youth rodeo athletes through direct funding and education.

If you have a family member or friend you would like recognized as a Western Heritage Trailblazer, please reach out the PGWHS for more information.  


If you ask Paul Bazinet “what do you figure?”  he will tell you “usually with a pencil” - still witty at the ripe old age of 89. 


Paul came to Prince George from Alberta in 1957.  He was born and raised on the family farm and the use and contact with horses were a way of life growing up. Paul used horses for both chores and sport. He could be found harrowing fields, logging, skidding and riding but his passion was chariot and chuckwagon racing. He competed in the chucks up until 2006 when he then retired and the Pony Club was disbanded.


Paul made many friends and colleagues along his journey. From Williams Lake, BC to High Prairie, Crawford, Viking and Cardinal Lake, Alberta to Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

Dad_Pony_Racing_with_His_Team (1)-1 2_edited.jpg


Abe Phillips of Loos, BC attended rodeos in both British Columbia and Alberta over the span of three decades. He ran multiple teams in the heavy horse pull events from 1990 until retiring from competition in the early 2010’s. Abe was very successful and well known within the heavy horse pull community across western Canada and his contagious smile was well recognized.

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